About me

About me
I am Barnabás Biczó and I was born in Szombathely on 28th September 1973. I spent my childhood in the „hidden pearl” of Alpokalja called Perenye. I was a keen lover of wildlife as far back as my childhood. This love became even stronger and inspired me to draw the illostrious forest animals at kindergarden as colourfully as a child can see them.

Ibolya M. Kovács, my kindergarden teacher was my painting teacher alongside my father who was a very talented man and could do wonders with his pencil. I had a well-known art teacher, Antal Biczó at primary school (he is only a namesake) whom I can thank for my development. I attended an art course where we made mostly linoleum-engraving. At upper school I participated in numerous national and international drawing competitions. As I became more skillful my creations were awarded more frequently.

My enthusiasm for game species and wildlife management influenced my choice regarding my study plans. I attended hunter-breeder class at Hermann Ottó Agricultural Technical School in Szombathely in autumn of 1988. In my final year 1992 I won the National Professional Competition. I graduated as an agricultural engineer at University of Mosonmagyaróvár. In autumn of 1998 after military service, my childhood dream came true. I would be able to listen to the rut of red deers as a professional hunter in Somogy county’s Bélavár forest. I also have a degree in wildlife management which I got at University of Gödöllő in 2001 alongside my job. In the same year I went back to my birth village beacuase of an illness and I got married soon after.

I first met glass engraving during my years in Mosonmagyaróvár. The then superiors of Lábod Wildlife Management (Galamb Gábor Jr. and Galamb Gábor Sr.) and my bone-sculptor friend Bencze László Sr. encouraged me to start going to national (FeHoVa, local and national hunting days) and international (Dortmund) exhibitions. I focused on creative work for years. From 2006 as the gamekeeper of the local hunting organisation I managed the wildlife management’s professional work and I was elected as a vice mayor, too. My son Barnabás was born in April 2009. I was elected as the mayor of Perenye in October 2010. In the last 4 years I have been very busy doing official tasks therefore I have had little time for engraving.

I have been doing engraving as my main job again since October 2014. Besides this work I also would like to exploit my ethology and professional knowledge in photograpy as a nature-photographer. I think my 10-year hunting experienc ensures that my engraved nature scenes, portraits and gift ideas are all unique, authentic as well as inspired. 

I hope my passion for nature, especially for wild species and hunting, will be a fertile soil to create work which makes people happy and will also inflame their ancient passion for nature and nature-close lifestyles.

With hunter’s greeting faithfully yours,

Barnabás Biczó

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