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Crystal red wine glass collection (8 glasses, decanter)

Crystal red wine glass collection (8 glasses, decanter)

European big game species - extended collection

Motives are made by using mixed technique (drill and stipple engraving). There are indigenous and introduced European, male big game species on the glasses which are drill engraved. I payed special attention to the background which portraits the natural habitat of these species. I used stipple engraving when elaborating the background. There are females around, the main motive is the dominant, rutting stag embraced by his harem.

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roe buckfallow deer buckmouflon ramwild boarbull moosebrown bearchamoisibexwild boar portraitbull moose portraitin pairs 1in pairs 2in pairs 3in pairs 4decanterrutting red deer (main motive)complete red wine glass collection